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The wide receiver (WR) position in football and is the pass-catching specialist. Wide receivers (also referred to as wideouts or simply receivers) are among the fastest and most agile players in the game, and they are frequent highlight-reel favorites.

The wide receiver position is among the most famous in American Football because they are often responsible for the biggest plays made on by the offensive team. However, they do not get all the credit for the plays they make because at least some credit will almost always go to the quarterback who throws the pass to them. Sometimes fans or sports writers will argue that a receiver only appears to be great when actually most of his success is really due to the quarterback. Other times, the situation is reversed. Fans or sports writers will argue that a quarterback is only successful because he has outstanding receiver(s) who can catch anything thrown in their general direction. Usually, it is accepted that having both a great quarterback and great receiver is a formula for success, and that both the receiver and quarterback are valuable.

Positions in football
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Linemen Guard, Tackle, Center Linemen Tackle, End, Nose tackle Kicking players Placekicker, Punter
Quarterback Linebackers Snapping Long snapper, Holder
Backs Running back, Fullback, H-back Backs Cornerback, Safety Returning Punt returner, Kick returner
Receivers Wide receiver, Tight end Nickelback, Dimeback Tackling Gunner