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The Washington (MO) Bears football team represents Washington University in St. Louis located in St. Louis, Missouri. The Bears are a football affiliate member of the NCAA Division III College Conference of Illinois & Wisconsin, which they joined in 2018 The Bears play their home games at Francis Field in St. Louis and are currently coached by Larry Kindbom.

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2010s[edit | edit source]

Season Coach Record
2019 Larry Kindbom 7-3
2018 Larry Kindbom 8-2
2017 Larry Kindbom 3-6
2016 Larry Kindbom 8-3
2015 Larry Kindbom 6-4
2014 Larry Kindbom 4-6
2013 Larry Kindbom 8-3
2012 Larry Kindbom 5-5
2011 Larry Kindbom 6-4
2010 Larry Kindbom 7-3

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