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Vic Ketchman

A photo of Vic Ketchman.

Vic Ketchman (born July 30, 1951) is a retired sportswriter and columnist who currently writes for a personal non-profitable blog. He previously worked for the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he worked for 23 seasons (1972-1994), the Jacksonville Jaguars (1995-2011) and the Green Bay Packers (2011-2016). He currently runs a daily column called "Ask Vic", where he tackles the fans' tough questions.  

 Originally "Ask Vic" was started when Ketchman tried to educate and communicate with Jaguar fans about the Jaguars' salary cap issues. Over the course of time it expanded to cover not just team and NFL issues but a wide assortment of topics unrelated to NFL. Due to the wide array of topics Ketchman maintains a loyal following from his time covering the Jaguars and expanded his reader base due to his dry humor, his observations, and his willingness to cover a multitude of topics. 

 Ketchman peppers his column with catch phrases, themes, and philosophies he's picked up over the years including: 

  • The QB must go down, and QB must go down hard 
  • Take care of the future and the future will take care of the present (in regards to the salary cap)
  • Just win, baby
  • BAP (Best Available Player)
  • Retain Perspective
  • Take care of your lawnmower, and it will take care of you.
  • Players not plays.
  • Memories make us rich
  • That would not be my expectation
  • Football is a young man's game
  • Help is not on the way

Ketchman is credited by his many readers as not only teaching them about the team, but also teaching them the economic and business sides of the NFL as well as the history of the NFL.  Vic also teaches fans how to keep the results of the game in perspective.