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The tight end (TE) is a position in football on the offensive team.The tight end is the last man on the offensive line but has a slightly different build and in some cases a different role than other linemen. The role of tight ends can change depending on the philosophy of the head coach, but their main jobs are: block for the running back or quarterback who is carrying the ball, catch passes from the quarterback, and help create a stronger pocket by assisting fellow linemen in blocking during passing plays. The tight end usually lines up next to an offensive tackle, adding a man to that side of the offensive line. Therefore, whichever side the tight end is on is referred to as the "strong side", and the side without is called "weak side". Linebackers are, by extension, given "strong-side" and "weak-side" roles depending on which side of the defense they line up on; similarly, the safeties take their places in the secondary according to which side the opposing tight end is. Tight ends can also come in motion during a play.

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