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A punt happens when the Punter holds the ball out in front of him, drops it, and kicks it before it hits the ground. If if hits the ground, it is considered a fumble, and may be advanced by either team. But if everything goes well, and the ball is punted successfully, the defense may catch the punt and run with it. If the offense touches it first, the ball is down where they touched it. If the punt goes out of bounds, the ball will be placed where it went out. If the ball goes out the back of the defense's end zone, it is a touchback.

Blocked Punts[]

A punt may be blocked by the defense in which a defender swats the ball away from the punter as he is about to kick it. The ball may be advanced by either team, but if it goes out of bounds in the offense's end zone, it is a safety

Fake Punts[]

Just as the punter is about to drop the ball, he may stop and throw it to a receiver. He may also run the ball.