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The Brevard Tornados football team represents Brevard College located in Brevard, North Carolina.

The Tornados are a member of the NCAA Division III USA South Conference, which they joined in 2017. Previously, Brevard was member of the NCAA Division II South Atlantic Conference.

The Tornados play their home games at Brevard Memorial Stadium in Brevard and are currently coached by Bill Khayat.

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2010s[edit | edit source]

Season Coach Record
2019 Bill Khayat 8-2
2018 Bill Khayat 4-6
2017 Bill Khayat 4-6
2016 Paul Hamilton 1-10
2015 Paul Hamilton 0-11
2014 Paul Hamilton 1-10
2013 Paul Hamilton 3-8
2012 Paul Hamilton 2-9
2011 Paul Hamilton
2010 Paul Hamilton

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