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Bwoel30 Bwoel30 28 June 2021


i need help

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Coen101 Coen101 12 April 2020


I have been working on the American Football Wiki.

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Starkiller131 Starkiller131 18 January 2017

Bureaucrat rights

Hello, my name is Starkiller131 an editor on the American Football Wiki. I requested bureaucrat rights on community central. Since their are two active admins here; I believe I should tell you more about me, my editing skills, and why I this wiki needs a bureaucrat.

First of my name is Chris McFerrin, I'm a 20 year Male living in Alabama. From what I remember I Discovered wikia on the tropica wiki. It wasn't until december 11, 2012 that I started to take interest in editing on wikia. When it first started I could barely do anything, my skills were horrible. On the the now defunct halo wars wiki I literally copied/pasted articles from the halo wiki. I stayed there for a while, but eventually I left for the fallout wiki, which actually had adminis…

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Liljuan1634 Liljuan1634 5 August 2016

Super bowl future

LI Kansas City chiefs at Seattle Seahawks LII Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers LIII Miami Dolphins at Green Bay packers LIV San Diego Chargers at Washington redskins LV Los Angeles Rams at New York Giants LVI Washington redskins at Seattle Seahawks LVII Oakland Raiders at Cleveland Browns LVIII Carolina Panthers at Miami Dolphins LX Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants LXI Tampa bay Buccaneers at Baltimore Ravens LXII Baltimore Ravens at Philadelphia Eagles LXIII Seattle Seahawks at Detroit Lions LC Kansas City chiefs at San Francisco 49ers LCI New England Patriots at Seattle Seahawks LCII Washington redskins at Los Angeles Rams

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Braden1234 Braden1234 25 September 2015


I love sports mainly football and soccer!

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Will49 Will49 28 December 2013

playoff predictions

Hi, Kilrdragon54 here predicting the playoffs! I'll start with showing you my placings.


1. The seahawks will probably walk away with a win this weekend, and with a win theyll secure the bye and home field advantage.

2. The Panthers will hold onto this spot to go into the postseason feeling confident.

3. I strongly believe the Eagles will participate in a shootout here, but with Romo injured Orton just wont be able to finish strong for the cowboys. Eagles go on to face the sixth seed.

4. In a struggling division, i truly think the Packers will win with aaron rodgers back against a bad defense. They'll show the nation how powerful they were before Aaron was injured.

5. The 49ers will enter the playoffs for the third straight year, hoping to s…

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Chespin the Great Chespin the Great 13 March 2013

Best Athlete of All Time

Hello, everyone! My name is Jayhawks4ever, and I'm trying to solve an age-old mystery: who is the greatest athlete of all time? So, in tradition with March Madness, I've devised a bracket and used statistics, popularity and other factors to determine who should get a chance to be the best.

Okay, so it goes like this. Every other day, I'll post a different match. Then you will all have 48 hours to vote before a winner is decided. If there is not as many votes as I had hoped, I will likely delete this blog. So, let's begin.

Okay, so let's get voting!

The winner will be decided on March 15, so vote until then!

Jayhawks4ever (talk) 11:05, March 13, 2013 (UTC)

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Hugwolf2 Hugwolf2 3 February 2013

Check out my wiki!

Click this link for my rad website of epic proportions!

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Porterfield Porterfield 31 January 2013

Super Bowl Trailers

A 30-second advertisement during Super Bowl XLVII will cost you $4 million dollars, but for big budget Hollywood movies and their marketing campaigns, that is chump change! A grand total of six upcoming films will get the coveted Super Bowl treatment this Sunday, which means the public will see some brand new teaser trailers.

The movies that will spend $4 million on 30-second TV spots include Paramount's Star Trek: Into Darkness and World War Z, and Universal's Fast 6.

Disney, however, is really upping the ante by spending approximately $28 million on promoting three of their films. Both Oz: The Great and Powerful and Iron Man 3 are getting 63-second and 60-second teaser trailers, respectively, but it's Disney's trailer for The Lone Ranger t…

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Beerparty Beerparty 4 August 2012

Beerparty's Retarded Top 20

The College Football season is fast approaching, so here's my retarded top 20. It has more B.S. than the BCS!

  1. USC. Matt Barkley is going to shine in his senior year, winning the Heisman.
  2. LSU. Everybody's geauxing crazy is Louisiana. Why? Becuase LSU will triumph and win it's second consecutive SEC title.
  3. Clemson. Surprised? Don't be. With good quarterbacks and experienced lineman, Clemson will go on a wild ride.
  4. Alabama. The Tide will roll - but only to the Fiesta Bowl.
  5. Ohio State. Urban Meyer will come into the season hyped up, and he'll have a season like he did in Florida.
  6. Michigan State. The Spartans will have a decent regular season, going 8-3, but they'll lose the Big Ten title game. Overall, they'll probably make it to the Holiday Bowl.
  7. Mic…
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Sport Shouting Sport Shouting 13 April 2012

A Wiki that May Interest You

Hey guys! I have a wiki where you can resurrect sports teams and have them face each other like the Montana Niners vs the Brady Patriots or anything like that. Here is the link if you are interested in contriubting.

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G-man. G-man. 11 December 2011


Well, I just created this blog for permission to create userboxes, pagebanners, and more templates on this wiki.

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Jimbo Wales Jimbo Wales 3 November 2011

Jimmy Wales radio interview tomorrow

Hi all!

I have a radio interview tomorrow on Sirius XM - it's specifically about the LSU vs. Alabama game (I am from Alabama, see) but I'll also try to mention this wiki if I can find a way. What do you want to tell the world?

It'd be cool if we already had a page about the game, with some detail, by the time I go on air, but I know there's only about 30 hours until that happens, so probably that'd be pretty hard!

I would love to hear from the active editors here!!

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