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The 2019 NFL Draft was the 84th annual meeting of National Football League (NFL) franchises to select newly eligible players for the 2019 NFL season. The draft was held on April 25–27 in Nashville, Tennessee. The first round was held on April 25, followed by the second and third rounds on April 26, and concluded with rounds 4–7 on April 27. The draft featured a record-high 40 trades,[1] surpassing the 37 that were made in 2017.[2] Template:TOC limit

Early entrants

Template:Rellink A record-high 111 eligible applicants announced their intention to enter the 2019 NFL Draft as underclassmen, which primarily included juniors and redshirt sophomores who forwent future years of college eligibility.[3] In order to be eligible to enter the draft, players must be at least three years removed from high school. The deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft was January 14, 2019.

Host city bid process

The host city for the 2019 (as well as the 2020) draft was chosen from among finalists Denver, Kansas City, Las Vegas, Nashville and Cleveland/Canton in May 2018 at the NFL Spring League Meeting.[4] On May 23, 2018, the league announced Nashville as the host city of the 2019 NFL Draft.[5]

Player selections

The following is the breakdown of the 254 players selected by position:

* Compensatory selection
Pro BowlerTemplate:Refn
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back DE Defensive end
DL Defensive lineman DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety
G Guard HB Halfback K Kicker KR Kick returner
LB Linebacker LS Long snapper OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman
NT Nose tackle P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback
RB Running back S Safety SS Strong safety TB Tailback
TE Tight end WR Wide receiver        
File:Kyler Murray in huddle (50369475187) (cropped).jpg

Quarterback Kyler Murray, selected first-overall by the Cardinals, broke several franchise records, made the Pro Bowl in 2020, and won NFL Offensive Rookie of The Year.

File:Nick Bosa (cropped).jpg

Nick Bosa, selected second-overall by the 49ers, made the Pro Bowl in his rookie year and was named NFL Defensive Rookie of The Year.

Template:Multiple imageTemplate:Multiple image

Rnd. Pick # NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
1 1 Arizona Cardinals Murray, KylerKyler Murray QB Oklahoma Big 12 2018 Heisman Trophy winner
2019 AP Offensive Rookie of The Year
1 2 San Francisco 49ers Bosa, NickNick Bosa DE Ohio State Big Ten 2019 AP Defensive Rookie of the Year
1 3 New York Jets Williams, QuinnenQuinnen Williams DT Alabama SEC 2018 Outland Trophy winner
1 4 Oakland Raiders Ferrell, ClelinClelin Ferrell DE Clemson ACC 2018 Hendricks Award winner
1 5 Tampa Bay Buccaneers White, DevinDevin White ILB LSU SEC 2018 Butkus Award winner
1 6 New York Giants Jones, DanielDaniel Jones QB Duke ACC 2019 Senior Bowl MVP
1 7 Jacksonville Jaguars Allen, JoshJosh Allen OLB Kentucky SEC 2018 Nagurski Trophy and Bednarik Award winner
1 8 Detroit Lions Hockenson, T. J.T. J. Hockenson TE Iowa Big Ten 2018 Mackey Award winner
1 9 Buffalo Bills Oliver, EdEd Oliver DT Houston C-USA 2017 Outland Trophy winner
1 10 Pittsburgh Steelers Bush, DevinDevin Bush ILB Michigan Big Ten from Denver Template:Refn
1 11 Cincinnati Bengals Williams, JonahJonah Williams OT Alabama SEC
1 12 Green Bay Packers Gary, RashanRashan Gary OLB Michigan Big Ten
1 13 Miami Dolphins Wilkins, ChristianChristian Wilkins DT Clemson ACC
1 14 Atlanta Falcons Lindstrom, ChrisChris Lindstrom G Boston College ACC
1 15 Washington Redskins Haskins, DwayneDwayne Haskins QB Ohio State Big Ten
1 16 Carolina Panthers Burns, BrianBrian Burns DE Florida State ACC
1 17 New York Giants Lawrence, DexterDexter Lawrence DT Clemson ACC from Cleveland Template:Refn
1 18 Minnesota Vikings Bradbury, GarrettGarrett Bradbury C NC State ACC 2018 Dave Rimington Trophy winner
1 19 Tennessee Titans Simmons, JefferyJeffery Simmons DT Mississippi State SEC
1 20 Denver Broncos Fant, NoahNoah Fant TE Iowa Big Ten from Pittsburgh Template:Refn
1 21 Green Bay Packers Savage, DarnellDarnell Savage FS Maryland ACC from Seattle Template:Refn
1 22 Philadelphia Eagles Dillard, AndreAndre Dillard OT Washington State Pac-12 from Baltimore Template:Refn
1 23 Houston Texans Howard, TytusTytus Howard OT Alabama State SWAC
1 24 Oakland Raiders Jacobs, JoshJosh Jacobs RB Alabama SEC from Chicago Template:Refn
1 25 Baltimore Ravens Brown, MarquiseMarquise Brown WR Oklahoma Big 12 from Philadelphia Template:Refn
1 26 Washington Redskins Sweat, MontezMontez Sweat DE Mississippi State SEC from Indianapolis Template:Refn
1 27 Oakland Raiders Abram, JohnathanJohnathan Abram SS Mississippi State SEC from Dallas Template:Refn
1 28 Los Angeles Chargers Tillery, JerryJerry Tillery DT Notre Dame Ind.
1 29 Seattle Seahawks Collier, L. J.L. J. Collier DE TCU MWC from Kansas City Template:Refn
1 30 New York Giants Baker, DeandreDeandre Baker CB Georgia SEC from New Orleans via Green Bay and Seattle Template:Refn
2018 Thorpe Award winner
1 31 Atlanta Falcons McGary, KalebKaleb McGary OT Washington Pac-12 from LA Rams Template:Refn
1 32 New England Patriots Harry, N'KealN'Keal Harry WR Arizona State Pac-12
2 33 Arizona Cardinals Murphy, ByronByron Murphy CB Washington Pac-12
2 34 Indianapolis Colts Ya-Sin, RockRock Ya-Sin CB Temple MAC from NY Jets Template:Refn
2 35 Jacksonville Jaguars Taylor, JawaanJawaan Taylor OT Florida SEC from Oakland Template:Refn
2 36 San Francisco 49ers Samuel, DeeboDeebo Samuel WR South Carolina SEC
2 37 Carolina Panthers Little, GregGreg Little OT Ole Miss SEC from NY Giants via Seattle Template:Refn
2 38 Buffalo Bills Ford, CodyCody Ford OT Oklahoma Big 12 from Jacksonville via Oakland Template:Refn
2 39 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Murphy-Bunting, SeanSean Murphy-Bunting CB Central Michigan MAC
2 40 Oakland Raiders Mullen, TrayvonTrayvon Mullen CB Clemson ACC from Buffalo Template:Refn
2 41 Denver Broncos Risner, DaltonDalton Risner OT Kansas State Big 12
2 42 Denver Broncos Lock, DrewDrew Lock QB Missouri Big 12 from Cincinnati Template:Refn
2 43 Detroit Lions Tavai, JahlaniJahlani Tavai LB Hawaii WAC
2 44 Green Bay Packers Jenkins, ElgtonElgton Jenkins C Mississippi State SEC
2 45 New England Patriots Williams, JoejuanJoejuan Williams CB Vanderbilt SEC from Atlanta via LA Rams Template:Refn
2 46 Cleveland Browns Williams, GreedyGreedy Williams CB LSU SEC from Washington via Indianapolis Template:Refn
2 47 Seattle Seahawks Blair, MarquiseMarquise Blair S Utah Pac-12 from Carolina Template:Refn
2 48 New Orleans Saints McCoy, ErikErik McCoy C Texas A&M Big 12 from Miami Template:Refn
2 49 Indianapolis Colts Banogu, BenBen Banogu LB TCU MWC from Cleveland Template:Refn
2 50 Minnesota Vikings Smith Jr., IrvIrv Smith Jr. TE Alabama SEC
2 51 Tennessee Titans Brown, A. J.A. J. Brown WR Ole Miss SEC
2 52 Cincinnati Bengals Sample, DrewDrew Sample TE Washington Pac-12 from Pittsburgh via Denver Template:Refn
2 53 Philadelphia Eagles Sanders, MilesMiles Sanders RB Penn State Big Ten from Baltimore Template:Refn
2 54 Houston Texans Johnson Jr., LonnieLonnie Johnson Jr. CB Kentucky SEC from Seattle Template:Refn
2 55 Houston Texans Scharping, MaxMax Scharping OT Northern Illinois MAC
2 56 Kansas City Chiefs Hardman, MecoleMecole Hardman WR Georgia SEC from Chicago via New England and LA Rams Template:Refn
2 57 Philadelphia Eagles Arcega-Whiteside, J. J.J. J. Arcega-Whiteside WR Stanford Pac-12
2 58 Dallas Cowboys Hill, TrystenTrysten Hill DT UCF C-USA
2 59 Indianapolis Colts Campbell, ParrisParris Campbell WR Ohio State Big Ten
2 60 Los Angeles Chargers Adderley, NasirNasir Adderley S Delaware CAA
2 61 Los Angeles Rams Rapp, TaylorTaylor Rapp S Washington Pac-12 from Kansas City Template:Refn
2 62 Arizona Cardinals Isabella, AndyAndy Isabella WR UMass N/A from New Orleans via Miami Template:Refn
2 63 Kansas City Chiefs Thornhill, JuanJuan Thornhill S Virginia ACC from LA Rams Template:Refn
2 64 Seattle Seahawks Metcalf, DKDK Metcalf WR Ole Miss SEC from New England Template:Refn
3 65 Arizona Cardinals Allen, ZachZach Allen DE Boston College ACC
3 66 Pittsburgh Steelers Johnson, DiontaeDiontae Johnson WR Toledo MAC from Oakland Template:Refn
3 67 San Francisco 49ers Hurd, JalenJalen Hurd WR Baylor Big 12
3 68 New York Jets Polite, JachaiJachai Polite LB Florida SEC
3 69 Jacksonville Jaguars Oliver, JoshJosh Oliver TE San Jose State WAC
3 70 Los Angeles Rams Henderson, DarrellDarrell Henderson RB Memphis C-USA from Tampa Bay Template:Refn
3 70.5 New York Giants Selection forfeited during the 2018 supplemental draft.Template:Refn
3 71 Denver Broncos Jones, Dre'MontDre'Mont Jones DT Ohio State Big Ten
3 72 Cincinnati Bengals Pratt, GermaineGermaine Pratt LB NC State ACC
3 73 Chicago Bears Montgomery, DavidDavid Montgomery RB Iowa State Big 12 from Detroit via New England Template:Refn
3 74 Buffalo Bills Singletary, DevinDevin Singletary RB Florida Atlantic Sun Belt
3 75 Green Bay Packers Sternberger, JaceJace Sternberger TE Texas A&M Big 12
3 76 Washington Redskins McLaurin, TerryTerry McLaurin WR Ohio State Big Ten
3 77 New England Patriots Winovich, ChaseChase Winovich DE Michigan Big Ten from Carolina via Seattle Template:Refn
3 78 Miami Dolphins Deiter, MichaelMichael Deiter G Wisconsin Big Ten
3 79 Los Angeles Rams Long, DavidDavid Long CB Michigan Big Ten from Atlanta Template:Refn
3 80 Cleveland Browns Takitaki, SioneSione Takitaki LB BYU MWC
3 81 Detroit Lions Harris, WillWill Harris S Boston College ACC from Minnesota Template:Refn
3 82 Tennessee Titans Davis, NateNate Davis G Charlotte N/A
3 83 Pittsburgh Steelers Layne, JustinJustin Layne CB Michigan State Big Ten
3 84 Kansas City Chiefs Saunders, KhalenKhalen Saunders DT Western Illinois MVFC from Seattle Template:Refn
3 85 Baltimore Ravens Ferguson, JaylonJaylon Ferguson DE Louisiana Tech WAC
3 86 Houston Texans Warring, KahaleKahale Warring TE San Diego State MWC
3 87 New England Patriots Harris, DamienDamien Harris RB Alabama SEC from Chicago Template:Refn
3 88 Seattle Seahawks Barton, CodyCody Barton LB Utah Pac-12 from Philadelphia via Detroit and Minnesota Template:Refn
3 89 Indianapolis Colts Okereke, BobbyBobby Okereke LB Stanford Pac-12
3 90 Dallas Cowboys McGovern, ConnorConnor McGovern G Penn State Big Ten
3 91 Los Angeles Chargers Pipkins, TreyTrey Pipkins OT Sioux Falls N/A
3 92 New York Jets Edoga, ChumaChuma Edoga OT USC Pac-12 from Kansas City via Seattle and Minnesota Template:Refn
3 93 Baltimore Ravens Boykin, MilesMiles Boykin WR Notre Dame Ind. from New Orleans via NY Jets and Minnesota Template:Refn
3 94 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dean, JamelJamel Dean CB Auburn SEC from LA Rams Template:Refn
3 95 New York Giants Ximines, OshaneOshane Ximines DE Old Dominion N/A from New England via Cleveland Template:Refn
3* 96 Buffalo Bills Knox, DawsonDawson Knox TE Ole Miss SEC from Washington Template:Refn
3* 97 Los Angeles Rams Evans, BobbyBobby Evans OT Oklahoma Big 12 from New England Template:Refn
3* 98 Jacksonville Jaguars Williams, QuincyQuincy Williams LB Murray State OVC from LA Rams Template:Refn
3* 99 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Edwards, MikeMike Edwards S Kentucky SEC from LA Rams Template:Refn
3* 100 Carolina Panthers Grier, WillWill Grier QB West Virginia Big East
3* 101 New England Patriots Cajuste, YodnyYodny Cajuste OT West Virginia Big East from New England via LA Rams Template:Refn
3* 102 Minnesota Vikings Mattison, AlexanderAlexander Mattison RB Boise State MWC from Baltimore Template:Refn
4 103 Arizona Cardinals Butler, HakeemHakeem Butler WR Iowa State Big 12
4 104 Cincinnati Bengals Finley, RyanRyan Finley QB NC State ACC from San Francisco Template:Refn
4 105 New Orleans Saints Gardner-Johnson, C. J.C. J. Gardner-Johnson S Florida SEC from NY Jets Template:Refn
4 106 Oakland Raiders Crosby, MaxxMaxx Crosby DE Eastern Michigan MAC
4 107 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nelson, AnthonyAnthony Nelson DE Iowa Big Ten
4 108 New York Giants Love, JulianJulian Love CB Notre Dame Ind.
4 109 Indianapolis Colts Willis, KhariKhari Willis S Michigan State Big Ten from Jacksonville via Oakland Template:Refn
4 110 San Francisco 49ers Wishnowsky, MitchMitch Wishnowsky P Utah Pac-12 from Cincinnati Template:Refn
2016 Ray Guy Award winner
4 111 Atlanta Falcons Sheffield, KendallKendall Sheffield CB Ohio State Big Ten from Detroit Template:Refn
4 112 Washington Redskins Love, BryceBryce Love RB Stanford Pac-12 from Buffalo Template:Refn
2017 Doak Walker Award winner
4 113 Baltimore Ravens Hill, JusticeJustice Hill RB Oklahoma State Big 12 from Denver Template:Refn
4 114 Minnesota Vikings Samia, DruDru Samia G Oklahoma Big 12 from Green Bay via Seattle Template:Refn
4 115 Carolina Panthers Miller, ChristianChristian Miller LB Alabama SEC
4 116 Tennessee Titans Hooker, AmaniAmani Hooker S Iowa Big Ten from Miami via New Orleans and NY Jets Template:Refn
4 117 Detroit Lions Bryant, AustinAustin Bryant DE Clemson ACC from Atlanta Template:Refn
4 118 New England Patriots Froholdt, HjalteHjalte Froholdt G Arkansas SEC from Washington via Green Bay and Seattle Template:Refn
4 119 Cleveland Browns Redwine, SheldrickSheldrick Redwine S Miami ACC
4 120 Seattle Seahawks Jennings Jr., GaryGary Jennings Jr. WR West Virginia Big East from Minnesota Template:Refn
4 121 New York Jets Wesco, TrevonTrevon Wesco TE West Virginia Big East from Tennessee Template:Refn
4 122 Pittsburgh Steelers Snell Jr., BennyBenny Snell Jr. RB Kentucky SEC
4 123 Baltimore Ravens Powers, BenBen Powers G Oklahoma Big 12
4 124 Seattle Seahawks Haynes, PhilPhil Haynes G Wake Forest ACC
4 125 Cincinnati Bengals Wren, RenellRenell Wren DT Arizona State Pac-12 from Houston via Denver Template:Refn
4 126 Chicago Bears Ridley, RileyRiley Ridley WR Georgia SEC
4 127 Baltimore Ravens Marshall, ImanIman Marshall CB USC Pac-12 from Philadelphia Template:Refn
4 128 Dallas Cowboys Pollard, TonyTony Pollard RB Memphis C-USA
4 129 Oakland Raiders Johnson, IsaiahIsaiah Johnson CB Houston C-USA from Indianapolis Template:Refn
4 130 Los Angeles Chargers Tranquill, DrueDrue Tranquill LB Notre Dame Ind.
4 131 Washington Redskins Martin, WesWes Martin G Indiana Big Ten from Kansas City via Buffalo Template:Refn
4 132 Seattle Seahawks Amadi, UgochukwuUgochukwu Amadi S Oregon Pac-12 from New Orleans via NY Giants Template:Refn
4 133 New England Patriots Stidham, JarrettJarrett Stidham QB Auburn SEC from LA Rams Template:Refn
4 134 Los Angeles Rams Gaines, GregGreg Gaines DT Washington Pac-12 from New England Template:Refn
4* 135 Atlanta Falcons Cominsky, JohnJohn Cominsky DE Charleston N/A from Indianapolis via Oakland Template:Refn
4* 136 Cincinnati Bengals Jordan, MichaelMichael Jordan G Ohio State Big Ten from Dallas Template:Refn
4* 137 Oakland Raiders Moreau, FosterFoster Moreau TE LSU SEC from Atlanta Template:Refn
4* 138 Philadelphia Eagles Miller, ShareefShareef Miller DE Penn State Big Ten
5 139 Arizona Cardinals Thompson, DeionteDeionte Thompson S Alabama SEC
5 140 Jacksonville Jaguars Armstead, RyquellRyquell Armstead RB Temple MAC from NY Jets via Oakland Template:Refn
5 141 Pittsburgh Steelers Gentry, ZachZach Gentry TE Michigan Big Ten from Oakland Template:Refn
5 142 Seattle Seahawks Burr-Kirven, BenBen Burr-Kirven LB Washington Pac-12 from San Francisco via Detroit and NY Giants Template:Refn
5 143 New York Giants Connelly, RyanRyan Connelly LB Wisconsin Big Ten
5 144 Indianapolis Colts Tell III, MarvellMarvell Tell III S USC Pac-12 from Jacksonville via Cleveland Template:Refn
5 145 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Gay, MattMatt Gay K Utah Pac-12 2017 Lou Groza Award winner
5 146 Detroit Lions Oruwariye, AmaniAmani Oruwariye CB Penn State Big Ten
5 147 Buffalo Bills Joseph, VoseanVosean Joseph LB Florida SEC
5 148 San Francisco 49ers Greenlaw, DreDre Greenlaw LB Arkansas SEC from Denver Template:Refn
5 149 Oakland Raiders Renfrow, HunterHunter Renfrow WR Clemson ACC from Cincinnati via Dallas Template:Refn
2018 Burlsworth Trophy winner
5 150 Green Bay Packers Keke, KingsleyKingsley Keke DT Texas A&M Big 12
5 151 Miami Dolphins Van Ginkel, AndrewAndrew Van Ginkel LB Wisconsin Big Ten
5 152 Atlanta Falcons Ollison, QadreeQadree Ollison RB Pittsburgh Big East
5 153 Washington Redskins Pierschbacher, RossRoss Pierschbacher G Alabama SEC
5 154 Carolina Panthers Scarlett, JordanJordan Scarlett RB Florida SEC
5 155 Cleveland Browns Wilson, MackMack Wilson LB Alabama SEC
5 156 Denver Broncos Hollins, JustinJustin Hollins LB Oregon Pac-12 from Minnesota Template:Refn
5 157 New York Jets Cashman, BlakeBlake Cashman LB Minnesota Big Ten from Tennessee Template:Refn
5 158 Dallas Cowboys Jackson, MichaelMichael Jackson CB Miami ACC from Pittsburgh via Oakland, Buffalo and Oakland Template:Refn
5 159 New England Patriots Cowart, ByronByron Cowart DT Maryland ACC from Seattle via Minnesota Template:Refn
5 160 Baltimore Ravens Mack, DaylonDaylon Mack DT Texas A&M Big 12
5 161 Houston Texans Omenihu, CharlesCharles Omenihu DE Texas Big 12
5 162 Minnesota Vikings Smith, CameronCameron Smith LB USC Pac-12 from Chicago via New England, LA Rams and New England Template:Refn
5 163 New England Patriots Bailey, JakeJake Bailey P Stanford Pac-12 from Philadelphia Template:Refn
5 164 Indianapolis Colts Speed, E. J.E. J. Speed LB Tarleton State N/A
5 165 Dallas Cowboys Jackson, JoeJoe Jackson DE Miami ACC
5 166 Los Angeles Chargers Stick, EastonEaston Stick QB North Dakota State MVFC
5 167 Philadelphia Eagles Thorson, ClaytonClayton Thorson QB Northwestern Big Ten from Kansas City via LA Rams and New England Template:Refn
5 168 Tennessee Titans Walker, D'AndreD'Andre Walker LB Georgia SEC from New Orleans via NY Jets Template:Refn
5 169 Los Angeles Rams Edwards, DavidDavid Edwards OT Wisconsin Big Ten
5 170 Cleveland Browns Seibert, AustinAustin Seibert K Oklahoma Big 12 from New England Template:Refn
5* 171 New York Giants Slayton, DariusDarius Slayton WR Auburn SEC
5* 172 Atlanta Falcons Miller, JordanJordan Miller CB Washington Pac-12
5* 173 Washington Redskins Holcomb, ColeCole Holcomb LB North Carolina ACC
6 174 Arizona Cardinals Johnson, KeeSeanKeeSean Johnson WR Fresno State WAC
6 175 Pittsburgh Steelers Smith, SuttonSutton Smith DE Northern Illinois MAC from Oakland Template:Refn
6 176 San Francisco 49ers Smith, KadenKaden Smith TE Stanford Pac-12
6 177 New Orleans Saints Hampton, SaquanSaquan Hampton S Rutgers Big East from NY Jets Template:Refn
6 178 Jacksonville Jaguars Minshew, GardnerGardner Minshew QB Washington State Pac-12
6 179 Arizona Cardinals Gaillard, LamontLamont Gaillard C Georgia SEC from Tampa Bay Template:Refn
6 180 New York Giants Ballentine, CoreyCorey Ballentine CB Washburn MIAA
6 181 Buffalo Bills Johnson, JaquanJaquan Johnson CB Miami ACC
6 182 Cincinnati Bengals Williams, TrayveonTrayveon Williams RB Texas A&M Big 12 from Denver Template:Refn
6 183 San Francisco 49ers Skule, JustinJustin Skule OT Vanderbilt SEC from Cincinnati Template:Refn
6 184 Detroit Lions Fulgham, TravisTravis Fulgham WR Old Dominion N/A
6 185 Green Bay Packers Hollman, Ka'darKa'dar Hollman CB Toledo MAC
6 186 Detroit Lions Johnson, TyTy Johnson RB Maryland ACC from Atlanta Template:Refn
6 186.5 Washington Redskins Selection forfeited during the 2018 supplemental draft.Template:Refn
6 187 Denver Broncos Winfree, JuwannJuwann Winfree WR Colorado N/A from Carolina Template:Refn
6 188 Tennessee Titans Long Jr., DavidDavid Long Jr. LB West Virginia Big East from Miami Template:Refn
6 189 Cleveland Browns Forbes, DrewDrew Forbes OT Southeast Missouri State OVC
6 190 Minnesota Vikings Watts, ArmonArmon Watts DT Arkansas SEC
6 191 Minnesota Vikings Epps, MarcusMarcus Epps S Wyoming MWC from Tennessee via Baltimore Template:Refn
6 192 Pittsburgh Steelers Buggs, IsaiahIsaiah Buggs DT Alabama SEC
6 193 Minnesota Vikings Udoh, OliOli Udoh OT Elon SoCon from Baltimore Template:Refn
6 194 Green Bay Packers Williams, DexterDexter Williams RB Notre Dame Ind. from Seattle Template:Refn
6 195 Houston Texans Crawford, XavierXavier Crawford CB Central Michigan MAC
6 196 New York Jets Austin, BlessuanBlessuan Austin CB Rutgers Big East from Chicago via Oakland Template:Refn
6 197 Baltimore Ravens McSorley, TraceTrace McSorley QB Penn State Big Ten from Philadelphia Template:Refn
6 198 San Francisco 49ers Harris, TimTim Harris CB Virginia ACC from Dallas via Cincinnati Template:Refn
6 199 Indianapolis Colts Green, GerriGerri Green DE Mississippi State SEC
6 200 Los Angeles Chargers Egbule, EmekeEmeke Egbule LB Houston C-USA
6 201 Kansas City Chiefs Fenton, RashadRashad Fenton CB South Carolina SEC
6 202 Miami Dolphins Prince, IsaiahIsaiah Prince OT Ohio State Big Ten from New Orleans Template:Refn
6 203 Atlanta Falcons Green, MarcusMarcus Green WR Louisiana-Monroe Sun Belt from LA Rams Template:Refn
6 204 Seattle Seahawks Homer, TravisTravis Homer RB Miami ACC from New England via Detroit and Minnesota Template:Refn
6* 205 Chicago Bears Shelley, DukeDuke Shelley CB Kansas State Big 12 from New England Template:Refn
6* 206 Washington Redskins Harmon, KelvinKelvin Harmon WR NC State ACC
6* 207 Pittsburgh Steelers Gilbert III, UlyseesUlysees Gilbert III LB Akron MAC from Arizona Template:Refn
6* 208 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Miller, ScottyScotty Miller WR Bowling Green MAC from Philadelphia Template:Refn
6* 209 Seattle Seahawks Christmas, DemarcusDemarcus Christmas DT Florida State ACC from Minnesota Template:Refn
6* 210 Cincinnati Bengals Davis, DeshaunDeshaun Davis LB Auburn SEC
6* 211 Cincinnati Bengals Anderson, RodneyRodney Anderson RB Oklahoma Big 12
6* 212 Carolina Panthers Daley, DennisDennis Daley OT South Carolina SEC from San Francisco via Denver Template:Refn
6* 213 Dallas Cowboys Wilson, DonovanDonovan Wilson S Texas A&M Big 12 from Cincinnati Template:Refn
6* 214 Kansas City Chiefs Thompson, DarwinDarwin Thompson RB Utah State WAC
7 215 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Beckner, TerryTerry Beckner DT Missouri Big 12 from Arizona Template:Refn
7 216 Kansas City Chiefs Allegretti, NickNick Allegretti G Illinois Big Ten from San Francisco Template:Refn
7 217 Minnesota Vikings Boyd, KrisKris Boyd CB Texas Big 12 from NY Jets Template:Refn
7 218 Dallas Cowboys Weber, MikeMike Weber RB Ohio State Big Ten from Oakland Template:Refn
7 219 Pittsburgh Steelers Gray, DerwinDerwin Gray OT Maryland ACC from Tampa Bay Template:Refn
7 220 Houston Texans Gillaspia, CullenCullen Gillaspia FB Texas A&M Big 12 from NY Giants via Denver Template:Refn
7 221 Cleveland Browns Lewis, DonnieDonnie Lewis CB Tulane C-USA from Jacksonville Template:Refn
7 222 Chicago Bears Whyte, KerrithKerrith Whyte RB Florida Atlantic Sun Belt from Denver via Philadelphia Template:Refn
7 223 Cincinnati Bengals Brown, JordanJordan Brown CB South Dakota State MVFC
7 224 Detroit Lions Nauta, IsaacIsaac Nauta TE Georgia SEC
7 225 Buffalo Bills Johnson, DarrylDarryl Johnson DE North Carolina A&T N/A
7 226 Green Bay Packers Summers, TyTy Summers LB TCU MWC
7 227 Washington Redskins Moreland, JimmyJimmy Moreland CB James Madison CAA
7 228 Buffalo Bills Sweeney, TommyTommy Sweeney TE Boston College ACC from Carolina Template:Refn
7 229 Detroit Lions Johnson, P. J.P. J. Johnson DE Arizona Pac-12 from Miami Template:Refn
7 230 Oakland Raiders Bell, QuintonQuinton Bell DE Prairie View A&M N/A from Atlanta Template:Refn
7 231 New Orleans Saints Mack, AlizéAlizé Mack TE Notre Dame Ind. from Cleveland Template:Refn
7 232 New York Giants Asafo-Adjei, GeorgeGeorge Asafo-Adjei OT Kentucky SEC from Minnesota Template:Refn
7 233 Miami Dolphins Cox, ChandlerChandler Cox FB Auburn SEC from Tennessee Template:Refn
7 234 Miami Dolphins Gaskin, MylesMyles Gaskin RB Washington Pac-12 from Pittsburgh via Cleveland Template:Refn
7 235 Jacksonville Jaguars Russell, DontaviusDontavius Russell DT Auburn SEC from Seattle via Oakland Template:Refn
7 236 Seattle Seahawks Ursua, JohnJohn Ursua WR Hawaii WAC from Baltimore via Jacksonville Template:Refn
7 237 Carolina Panthers Godwin, TerryTerry Godwin WR Georgia SEC from Houston via Denver Template:Refn
7 238 Chicago Bears Denmark, StephenStephen Denmark CB Valdosta State GSC
7 239 Minnesota Vikings Mitchell, DillonDillon Mitchell WR Oregon Pac-12 from Philadelphia via New England Template:Refn
7 240 Indianapolis Colts Barton, JacksonJackson Barton OT Utah Pac-12
7 241 Dallas Cowboys Jelks, JalenJalen Jelks DE Oregon Pac-12
7 242 Los Angeles Chargers Broughton, CortezCortez Broughton DT Cincinnati Big East
7 243 Los Angeles Rams Scott, NickNick Scott S Penn State Big Ten from Kansas City via San Francisco, Cleveland and New England Template:Refn
7 244 New Orleans Saints Elliss, KadenKaden Elliss LB Idaho WAC
7 245 New York Giants Slayton, ChrisChris Slayton DT Syracuse Big East from LA Rams Template:Refn
7 246 Indianapolis Colts Patterson, JavonJavon Patterson C Ole Miss SEC from New England via Philadelphia Template:Refn
7* 247 Minnesota Vikings Johnson, BisiBisi Johnson WR Colorado State MWC
7* 248 Arizona Cardinals Miles, JoshuaJoshua Miles OT Morgan State MEAC
7* 249 Arizona Cardinals Dogbe, MichaelMichael Dogbe DE Temple MAC
7* 250 Minnesota Vikings Cutting, AustinAustin Cutting LS Air Force MWC
7* 251 Los Angeles Rams Allen, DakotaDakota Allen LB Texas Tech Big 12
7* 252 New England Patriots Webster, KenKen Webster CB Ole Miss SEC
7* 253 Washington Redskins Brailford, JordanJordan Brailford DE Oklahoma State Big 12
7* 254 Arizona Cardinals Wilson, CalebCaleb Wilson TE UCLA Pac-12

Notable undrafted players

Original NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
Atlanta Falcons Zaccheaus, OlamideOlamide Zaccheaus WR Virginia ACC
Baltimore Ravens Mekari, PatrickPatrick Mekari C California Pac-12
Buffalo Bills McLaughlin, ChaseChase McLaughlin K Illinois Big Ten
Chicago Bears Bars, AlexAlex Bars G Notre Dame Ind.
Cleveland Browns Blough, DavidDavid Blough QB Purdue Big Ten Started 5 games for Detroit in his rookie year
Cleveland Browns Gillan, JamieJamie Gillan P Arkansas–Pine Bluff SWAC PFWA All-Rookie team
Cleveland Browns Hassell, J. T.J. T. Hassell S Florida Tech N/A
Dallas Cowboys Guyton, JalenJalen Guyton WR North Texas Sun Belt
Denver Broncos Bobenmoyer, JacobJacob Bobenmoyer LS Northern Colorado Big Sky
Denver Broncos Reed, MalikMalik Reed OLB Nevada WAC
Detroit Lions Parham, DonaldDonald Parham TE Stetson N/A
Indianapolis Colts Hentges, HaleHale Hentges TE Alabama SEC
Jacksonville Jaguars Wingard, AndrewAndrew Wingard S Wyoming MWC
Kansas City Chiefs Fox, JackJack Fox P Rice C-USA Pro Bowler for the Detroit Lions in 2020
Miami Dolphins Williams, PrestonPreston Williams WR Colorado State MWC Started 7 out of 8 games for Miami in 2019
Miami Dolphins Needham, NikNik Needham CB UTEP C-USA
Minnesota Vikings Blasingame, KhariKhari Blasingame FB Vanderbilt SEC
New England Patriots Beck, AndrewAndrew Beck TE Texas Big 12
New England Patriots Hall, TerezTerez Hall OLB Missouri Big 12
New England Patriots Olszewski, GunnerGunner Olszewski WR Bemidji State N/A First team All-Pro 2020
New England Patriots Meyers, JakobiJakobi Meyers WR NC State ACC Played in 15 games (1 start) with New England in his rookie year
New Orleans Saints Gustin, PorterPorter Gustin DE USC Pac-12
New Orleans Saints Harris, DeonteDeonte Harris WR Assumption College N/A Made Pro Bowl in his rookie year as a return specialist
New Orleans Saints Tuttle, ShyShy Tuttle DT Tennessee SEC Played in 16 games with the Saints in 2019
Oakland Raiders Ingold, AlecAlec Ingold FB Wisconsin Big Ten Played in all 16 games for Oakland in 2019
Philadelphia Eagles Edwards, TJTJ Edwards LB Wisconsin Big Ten Started 4 games for Philadelphia in his rookie year
Philadelphia Eagles Herbig, NateNate Herbig G Stanford Pac-12
Pittsburgh Steelers Hodges, DevlinDevlin Hodges QB Samford SoCon Started 6 games for Pittsburgh in his rookie year
Pittsburgh Steelers Johnson, FredFred Johnson OT Florida SEC
San Francisco 49ers Al-Shaair, AzeezAzeez Al-Shaair LB Florida Atlantic Sun Belt
Washington Redskins Sims, StevenSteven Sims WR Kansas Big 12

Supplemental draft

A supplemental draft was held on July 10, 2019. For each player selected in the supplemental draft, the team forfeits its pick in that round in the draft of the following season.

Rnd. Pick # NFL team Player Pos. College Conf. Notes
5 - Arizona Cardinals Thompson, JalenJalen Thompson S Washington State Pac-12


In the explanations below, (PD) indicates trades completed prior to the start of the draft (i.e. Pre-Draft), while (D) denotes trades that took place during the 2019 draft.

Round one

Round two

Round three

Round four

Round five

Round six

Round seven

Forfeited picks

Media coverage

In November 2018, after having aired the final rounds of the draft on the network, ESPN announced that it would air coverage of all three days of the 2019 draft on ABC, using an entertainment-oriented format and hosted by the panel of College GameDay (which hosted an alternate ESPN2 broadcast of the previous draft), including Lee Corso, Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard. It marked the first time that broadcast television coverage of all three days of the NFL Draft had been carried by a single network; in 2018, the first two nights aired on Fox in association and simulcast with NFL Network. ESPN and NFL Network continued to broadcast more traditionally-formatted coverage.[1] In addition, NFL Network's morning show Good Morning Football was simulcast on ESPN2 on both April 25 and 26, while ESPN and NFL Network personalities made appearances across the networks' studio programs.[2]

The NFL reported an average viewership of 6.1 million across all ESPN and NFL outlets carrying coverage, up from the composite average of 5.5 million in 2018, and estimated that at least 47.5 million viewers watched coverage at some point during the draft.[3] The NFL also reported that at least 600,000 people attended events associated with the draft, overtaking 2017 as the most-attended NFL Draft.[4]


Selections by NCAA conference

Conference Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Total
NCAA Division I FBS football conferences
AAC 1 2 1 2 1 1 3 11
ACC 7 2 3 4 5 5 2 28
Big 12 3 3 5 6 2 3 4 26
Big Ten 7 2 7 7 8 5 4 40
C-USA 0 0 4 0 0 1 1 6
Ind. (FBS) 1 1 2 2 0 1 1 8
MAC 0 2 1 1 0 5 0 9
MW 0 1 3 0 0 3 3 10
Pac-12 3 5 3 6 7 3 6 33
SEC 9 13 6 7 10 10 9 64
Sun Belt 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 1
NCAA Division I FCS football conferences
Big Sky 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
CAA 0 1 0 0 0 1 1 3
MEAC 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 2
MVFC 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 3
OVC 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 2
SWAC 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 2
NCAA Division II football conferences
GSC 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
LSC 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1
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A record 64 players were drafted from one conference,[5] the most in NFL history, breaking the previous high of 63 selections in 2013. Both numbers were set by the Southeastern Conference.

Schools with multiple draft selections

Selections Schools
10 Alabama
9 Ohio State
8 Oklahoma, Washington
7 Georgia, Texas A&M
6 Auburn, Clemson, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, Penn State
5 Florida, Kentucky, Miami, Michigan, Mississippi State, Stanford, Utah, West Virginia
4 Boston College, Iowa, Maryland, NC State, Oregon, USC, Wisconsin
3 Arkansas, Houston, LSU, South Carolina, TCU, Temple
2 Arizona State, Central Michigan, Florida Atlantic, Florida State, Hawaii, Iowa State, Kansas State, Memphis, Michigan State, Missouri, Northern Illinois, Oklahoma State, Old Dominion, Rutgers, Texas, Toledo, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Washington State

Of note, Allen High School boasted three selections in the 2019 NFL draft, by drafting Kyler Murray, Greg Little, and Bobby Evans.[6]

Selections by position

Position Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Total
Center 1 2 0 0 0 1 1 5
Cornerback 1 7 3 4 3 8 6 32
Defensive end 6 0 4 5 2 2 6 25
Defensive tackle 6 1 2 2 3 3 4 21
Guard 1 0 3 6 1 0 1 12
Kicker 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 2
Linebacker 3 2 6 2 12 4 3 31
Long snapper 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
Offensive tackle 4 5 4 0 1 5 4 23
Punter 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 2
Quarterback 3 1 1 2 2 2 0 11
Running back 1 1 5 4 3 6 5 25
Safety 2 4 2 5 2 3 1 19
Tight end 2 2 4 2 1 1 4 16
Wide receiver 2 7 4 3 2 6 4 28
Position Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Round 5 Round 6 Round 7 Total
Offense 14 18 21 17 10 21 19 120
Defense 18 14 17 18 22 20 20 129
Special teams 0 0 0 1 3 0 1 5



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