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December 22, 2014 • Marlins Park • Miami, Florida • ESPN • 2:00 pm EST
BYU Cougars 2014 Miami Beach Bowl Memphis Tigers
BYU Cougars 48
Team 1 2 3 4 OT Totals
Cougars 14 14 0 17 3 48
Tigers 17 7 14 7 10 55
Memphis Tigers 55

Scoring Summary[]

1st Quarter

  • MEM - Keiwone Malone 33 yd pass from Paxton Lynch (Jake Elliott kick)
  • BYU - Mitchell Juergens 47 yd pass from Christian Stewart (Trevor Samson kick)
  • MEM - Paxton Lynch 1 yd run (Jake Elliott kick)
  • BYU - Mitch Mathews 25 yd pass from Christian Stewart (Trevor Samson kick)
  • MEM - Jake Elliott 39 yd FG

2nd Quarter

  • MEM - Paxton Lynch 3 yd run (Jake Elliott kick)
  • BYU - Jordan Leslie 23 yd pass from Christian Stewart (Trevor Samson kick)
  • BYU - Paul Lasike 3 yd run (Trevor Samson kick)

3rd Quarter

  • MEM - Paxton Lynch 1 yd run (Jake Elliott kick)
  • MEM - Alan Cross 17 yd pass from Paxton Lynch (Jake Elliott kick)

4th Quarter

  • BYU - Trevor Samson 23 yd FG
  • BYU - Paul Lasike 7 yd run (Trevor Samson kick)
  • BYU - Zac Stout 18 yd interception return (Trevor Samson kick)
  • MEM - Keiwone Malone 5 yd pass from Paxton Lynch (Jake Elliott kick)

1st Overtime

  • BYU - Trevor Samson 45 yd FG
  • MEM - Jake Elliott 55 yd FG

2nd Overtime

  • MEM - Roderick Proctor 11 yd pass from Paxton Lynch (Jake Elliott kick)

Post-Game Brawl[]

During the post game celebration Memphis players ran towards the BYU sideline to celebrate with their fans sitting behind the BYU bench (due to the bizarre baseball stadium field layout, most of the people in attendance could only sit on the BYU side of the field). Some bumping and shoving occurred and one Memphis player was pushed in the back by a BYU player that was allegedly also being pushed from behind. The Memphis player he pushed then turned around and (using both hands) punched/shoved the BYU player in the back of the head. As the BYU player turned his attention back to the attacker in an apparent attempt to retaliate he threw a punch and he was attacked by 3-4 Memphis players and an all out, bench-clearing brawl ensued. Punches and kicks were thrown by many players on both sides, one Memphis player even used a helmet as a weapon,[14] and when it was over, numerous players walked off the field bloody and bruised. As the brawl was dying down a BYU player can be seen coming into view and sucker punching a Memphis player, who was not wearing a helmet, from behind. As the BYU player turned toward the camera's view, a bloodied bruise could be clearly seen from a punch he received while attempting to sucker punch another Memphis player earlier in the brawl.


Tom Holmoe, BYU's athletic director, apologized to BYU fans stating, "We expect better of our athletes, even in the face of a difficult loss. We intend to fully review this matter. I apologize to Cougar Nation." Memphis said in a statement via AAC commissioner Mike Aresco that they are displeased with the Miami Beach Bowl brawl, and that, "The university will respond accordingly following this detailed review. Needless to say, we are extremely disappointed that this happened, as we expect the highest standard of conduct from our student-athletes." 

On January 20, 2015 The University of Memphis announced the completion of an internal review of the incident and expected punishments to be levied against twelve members of the team.[18] BYU also took action to punish their players but due to a previous policy change, the problem was resolved internally, the players and punishments were not identified.