The 2010 BCS national championship was on January 6th 2011. It pitted the Oregon Ducks against the Auburn Tigers. Auburn won 22-19 . It gave Gene Chisik his first ever and only national championship.                                      Auburn came into the game with an undefeated record 13-0. Oregon was also 13-0. This game pitted Auburn's    Cam Newton against Oregon's Darron Thomas.                                                                                                                      1st Half          Oregon won the toss and elected to receive . Both Auburn and Oregon struggled in the first  quarter with the score being 3-0 Oregon . In the second period  Auburn scored  a touchdown soon Oregon scored too so midway through it was 11-7 Oregon. Then Auburn got a safety to make it 11-9.Auburn got the ball and  scored with 50 seconds till half so at  the half it was 16-11 Auburn. 2nd half.            in  the  third  quarter nobody scored.  In the    4th quarter  Auburn got a Field goal ,then  Oregon scored so it was 19-19. With 37 seconds left Michael Dyer ran 62 yards to the Oregon 27 yard line. Then  Cam Newton ran 26 yards to the 1 yard line and spiked the ball with 6 seconds to play. Then Wes Bynum kicked a 22 yard field goal as time ran out to win 22-19. Aftermath.  Oregon dropped to 3rd with the loss. Then Auburn won the national championship for the first time since 1957.


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