The 2007 NFL Draft was held at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on April 28 and April 29 2007. The draft is being televised for the 28th consecutive year on ESPN and ESPN2. The NFL Network is also broadcasting coverage of the event, its second year doing so. There are 255 draft selections this year: 223 regular selections in rounds one through seven and 32 compensatory selections, distributed among rounds three through seven. (The official NFL term is "selection," although they are commonly referred to as "picks.") This was the first draft presided over by new NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Player selections[edit | edit source]

The following list includes the thirty-two compensatory selections awarded each year, which are exercised at the end of rounds three through seven, and the results of the coin flip won by the Cleveland Browns, giving them the third overall selection.

= compensatory selection = supplemental compensatory selection

Round one[edit | edit source]

Pick # NFL Team Player Position College
1 Oakland Raiders Russell, JaMarcusJaMarcus Russell Quarterback LSU
2 Detroit Lions Johnson, CalvinCalvin Johnson Wide Receiver Georgia Tech
3 Cleveland Browns Thomas, JoeJoe Thomas Left Tackle Wisconsin
4 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Adams, GainesGaines Adams Defensive End Clemson]
5 Arizona Cardinals Brown, LeviLevi Brown Left Tackle Penn State
6 Washington Redskins Landry, LaRonLaRon Landry Safety LSU
7 Minnesota Vikings Peterson, Adrian L.Adrian Peterson Running Back Oklahoma
8 Atlanta Falcons (from Houston) Anderson, JamaalJamaal Anderson Defensive End Arkansas
9 Miami Dolphins Ginn, Jr., TedTed Ginn, Jr. Wide Receiver Ohio State
10 Houston Texans (from Atlanta) Okoye, AmobiAmobi Okoye Defensive Tackle Louisville
11 San Francisco 49ers Willis, PatrickPatrick Willis Linebacker Ole Miss
12 Buffalo Bills Lynch, MarshawnMarshawn Lynch Running Back California
13 St. Louis Rams Carriker, AdamAdam Carriker Defensive End Nebraska
14 New York Jets (from Carolina) Revis, DarrelleDarrelle Revis Cornerback Pittsburgh
15 Pittsburgh Steelers Timmons, LawrenceLawrence Timmons Linebacker Florida State
16 Green Bay Packers Harrell, JustinJustin Harrell Defensive Tackle Tennessee
17 Denver Broncos (from Jacksonville) Moss, JarvisJarvis Moss Defensive End Florida
18 Cincinnati Bengals Hall, LeonLeon Hall Cornerback Michigan
19 Tennessee Titans Griffin, MichaelMichael Griffin Safety Texas
20 New York Giants Ross, AaronAaron Ross Cornerback Texas
21 Jacksonville Jaguars (from Denver) Nelson, ReggieReggie Nelson Safety Florida
22 Cleveland Browns (from Dallas) Quinn, BradyBrady Quinn Quarterback Notre Dame
23 Kansas City Chiefs Bowe, DwayneDwayne Bowe Wide Receiver LSU
24 New England Patriots (from Seattle) Meriweather, BrandonBrandon Meriweather Safety Miami
25 Beason, JonCarolina Panthers (from New York Jets) Jon Beason Linebacker Miami
26 Spencer, AnthonyDallas Cowboys (from Philadelphia) Anthony Spencer Defensive End Purdue
27 Meachem, Robert New Orleans Saints Robert Meachem Wide Receiver Tennessee
28 Staley, Joe San Francisco 49ers (from New England) Joe Staley Offensive Tackle Central Michigan
29 Grubbs, Ben Baltimore Ravens Ben Grubbs Offensive Guard Auburn
30 Davis, Craig San Diego Chargers Craig Davis Wide Receiver LSU
31 Olson, Greg Chicago Bears Greg Olsen Tight End Miami
32 Gonzalez, Anthony Indianapolis Colts Anthony Gonzalez Wide Receiver Ohio State
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