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Notre Dame 10, USC 6

ND (#7, 8-2)

USC (#18, 8-2-1)

Los Angeles

ND's eight straight win vs. USC


1st Quarter

Todd Marinovich completes first four passes to drive to ND 5 but settled for 22-yard field goal by Quin Rodriguez.

2nd Quarter

ND's only points in first half came after drive stalled at USC 15 and Craig Hentrich's 30-yard field goal.

3rd Quarter

USC drove to ND 14 to start second half but forced into 30-yard field goal by Rodriguez.

Starting from their own 31, ND drove in 15 plays with Ricky Watters rushing for 41 yards. Brooks one-yard TD run with 3:14 left

4th Quarter

Raghib Ismail broke loose on a 39-yard reverse run and followed with short pass from Rick Mirer for a 41-yard gain to USC 2 but the Trojans defense put up a goal line stand.

USC never got closer than ND 40 in final period.



ND: Mirer 7/15, 130 yds

USC: Marinovich 26/39, 273 yds


ND: Watters 16/61, Ismail 6/39, Rodney Culver 10/37, Brooks 7/35, Mirer 12/28, Bettis 1/7, Shawn Davis 1/1

USC: Mazio Royster 19/51, Scott Lockwood 2/3, Marinovich 7/-25


ND: Ismail 2/70, Derek Brown 3/43, Tony Smith 1/11, Irv Smith 1/6

USC: Gary Wellman 9/101, Royster 6/69, Larry Wallace 2/39, Travis Hannah 2/26, Lockwood 4/20, Bob Crane 1/9, Joel Scott 1/6


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