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Arizona 45, Utah 17

Questionable call decked Utes (Lee Benson)

To start 4th, Utah scored on 10-yd TD from Randy Gomez to Jack Steptoe after setup passes to Frank Henry and Corey Hansen, only trailed 24-17

AZ couldn't move ball against Ute defense led by Mike Bailey and Mike Sobolewski, AZ punts from own 29, UT would have started from own 45 but offside gave AZ a first down, Utah argued long snapper moved before he hiked the ball to draw them off (a call made against him 4 times this season)

AZ scores 3 TDs in ensuing drive going to Derriak Anderson plunge...Wayne Howard: "We were down 14 and desperate."

Behind 31-17, Gomez went to air and was intercepted at start of next two poss, DT Jeff Whitton returned 1st one 6 yds to score & DJ returned second one 33 yds to set up seven-yd TD by Anderson

Howard: "I don't think I've ever felt this bad after a loss. The disappointing thing is we came back strong in the second half. We had a good chance to win when we came within one touchdown."

UT spotted AZ a 17-0 lead two minutes into 2nd QT, 77-yd Gomez to Steptoe & 43-yd Tom McNamara FG put them within 3, Gomez finishes 12/24, 253 yds, Ute receivers dropped number of passes

AZ def - Jon Abbott, QBs Marc Lunsford/Jim Krohn

UTAH seven players sidelined during game (T Mike Kinsella, T Walt Kaufman, FL Roland Solomon, S Derek Washington, DE Dan Stewart)