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West Virginia 20, Maryland 13

College Park (35,112)


1st Quarter

WV: Nester 25 yard field goal

2nd Quarter

WV: Nester 33 yard field goal

3rd Quarter

MD: Mick-Mayer 43 yard field goal

MD: Mick-Mayer 48 yard field goal

4th Quarter

MD: Carter 1 yard run (Mick-Mayer kick), 5:36...C Wib Newton snapped ball over P Chuck Brooks to start drive

WV: Dwayne Woods 75 yard pass from Ade Dillon (Nester kick), 5:16...pass over middle

WV: Danny Buggs 69 yard punt return (Nester kick), :08...Buggs caught just one pass, took the punt at his own 31, retreated to 24 before taking off for end zone


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