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Wyoming 40-7


Utah Ron Giddings first WAC game as HC

Utah defense: Pat McKissick, John Stipech, Jerry Lawson


Wyoming scored 27 in the fourth to put the game out of reach but Utah hung around through three quarters against the favored Cowboys

WY: Jerry DePoyster 4 FGs (54, 54, 52, 21), 2 XP

Utah punted on opening possession then DePoyster kicked 54-yd FG

Utah 2 drives and WY one drive before DePoyster kicks 52 yd FG

Jack Gehrke overthrew Terry Baker on long pass to kill a drive for Utah

WY scores early in 2nd as they cover 39 yds as Jim Kiick scores on eight-yard run after Rick Egloff hits Jerry Marion for 26 yds

Midway through third, Lawson deflects pass and Bruce Bean intercepts at Utah 18 and that leads to Gehrke to Jerry Butler TD pass and Utes pull within 13-7 after Jerry Pullman's PAT

A failed fake punt pass gives Wyoming ball at UT 8 and sets up a TD

Moments later, Gehrke's fumble gives WY ball at UT 8 and DePoyster kicks FG

A 28-yard interference penalty leads to WY rush TD and two-point convo

Another Gehrke fumble gives WY ball at UT 9 and Cowboys add another score

DePoyster kicks last field goal as clock runs out


UT: 13 rush yds, 59 pass yds

WY: 125 rush yds, Rick Egloff 85 pass yds


Utah HC Giddings: "There'll be some changes."

Wyoming HC Lloyd Eaton: "That is a fine ball club...They deserved better than that score."


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