1947 National Football League season
Regular season
Duration September 21 - December 14, 1947
East Champions Philadelphia Eagles
West Champions Chicago Cardinals
Championship Game
Champions Chicago Cardinals
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The 1947 NFL season was the 28th regular season of the National Football League. The season ended when the Chicago Cardinals defeated the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL Championship Game.

Major rule changesEdit

  • A fifth official, the Back Judge, is added to the officiating crew.
  • When a team has less than 11 players on the field prior to a snap or kick, the officials are not to notify them.
  • An illegal use of hands penalty will be called whenever a defensive player uses them to block the vision of a receiver during any pass behind the offensive team's line.
  • During an unsuccessful extra point attempt, the play becomes dead as soon as failure is evident.
  • Roughing the kicker will not be called if he kicks after recovering a loose ball or fumble on the play.
  • All teams are required to use prescribed standard yardage chains, down boxes, and flexible shaft markers.

Division RacesEdit

Starting in 1947, the NFL teams played a 12 game schedule rather than 11 games. The twelfth game proved to be crucial for the Steelers, Eagles, Cardinals and Bears. In the Eastern Division, Pittsburgh took a half-game lead over Philadelphia after a 35-24 win in Week Five. On November 30, the Eagles won the rematch, 21-0, to take a 7-3-0 to 7-4-0 lead. The same day, the Cardinals lost to the Giants, 35-31, while the Bears beat Detroit 34-14; the 7-3-0 Cards were a game behind the 8-2-0 Bears in the Western Division.

In Week Twelve, the Cardinals beat the Eagles, 45–21. Pittsburgh beat Boston 17–7, while the Bears lost to the Rams, 17–14. The result was that the Steelers finished at 8–4, and the 7–4 Eagles had to win their last game. The Cardinals and Bears were both at 8–3, and the Western title would go to the winner of their December 14 season-closer. A crowd of 48,632 turned out at Wrigley Field to watch. The Cardinals won the game, 30–21, and the right to host the championship. The same day, Philadelphia beat Green Bay, 28–14, to force a playoff with Pittsburgh.

Final standingsEdit

W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT= Winning Percentage, PF= Points For, PA = Points Against Note: The NFL did not officially count tie games in the standings until 1972

Eastern Division
Philadelphia Eagles 840.667308242
Pittsburgh Steelers 840.667240259
Boston Yanks 471.364168256
Washington Redskins 480.333295367
New York Giants 282.200190309
Western Division
Chicago Cardinals 930.750306231
Chicago Bears 840.667363241
Green Bay Packers 651.545274210
Los Angeles Rams 660.500259214
Detroit Lions 390.250231305


See: 1947 NFL playoffs

Home team in capitals

Eastern Division Playoff Game

  • Philadelphia 21, PITTSBURGH 0

NFL Championship Game

  • CHI. CARDINALS 28, Philadelphia 21


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