1940 National Football League season
Regular season
Duration September 8 - December 1, 1940
East Champions Washington Redskins
West Champions Chicago Bears
Championship Game
Champions Chicago Bears
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The 1940 NFL season was the 21st regular season of the National Football League. The season ended when the Chicago Bears defeated the Washington Redskins in the NFL Championship Game, 73–0. This game still stands as the most one-sided victory in NFL history, and the 73 points by the Bears are the most ever scored by a team in NFL history. The Pittsburgh Pirates were renamed the Pittsburgh Steelers before the 1940 season.

Major rule changesEdit

  • The penalty for a forward pass not from scrimmage is 5 yards.
  • Penalties for fouls that occur prior to a pass or kick from behind the line of scrimmage are enforced from the previous spot. However, penalties for fouls during a free ball or when the offensive team fouls behind their line are enforced from the spot of the foul.
  • Fouls enforced in the field of play cannot penalize the ball more than half the distance to the offender's goal line.
  • If the offensive team commits pass interference in their opponent's end zone, the defense has the choice of 15 yards from the previous spot and a loss of down, or a touchback.

Final standingsEdit

W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT= Winning Percentage, PF= Points For, PA = Points Against

Note: The NFL did not officially count tie games in the standings until 1972

Eastern Division
Washington Redskins 920.818245142
Brooklyn Dodgers 830.727186120
New York Giants 641.600131133
Pittsburgh Steelers 272.22260178
Philadelphia Eagles 1100.091111211
Western Division
Chicago Bears 830.727238152
Green Bay Packers 641.600238155
Detroit Lions 551.500138153
Cleveland Rams 461.400171191
Chicago Cardinals 272.222139222

NFL Championship GameEdit

For more details on this topic, see 1940 NFL Championship Game.

Chi. Bears 73, Washington 0, at Griffith Stadium, Washington, D.C., December 8


Joe F. Carr Trophy (Most Valuable Player)   Ace Parker, Halfback, Brooklyn


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