1932 Chicago Bears season
Head Coach Ralph Jones
Home Field Wrigley Field
Record 7-1-6
Place none
Playoff Finish Won 1932 NFL Playoff Game
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1931 1933

The 1932 Chicago Bears season was their 13th regular season completed in the National Football League. The club posted a 7-1-6 record under third year head coach Ralph Jones.

Season OverviewEdit

The season started strangely with three consecutive 0-0 ties. After a 0-2 loss to the Packers, the Bears had scored zero points in four games. After that, the offense got on track and the defense stayed incredibly stingy. The Bears were undefeated in their last nine "regular season" games (there was no established playoff system), with six wins, four by shutout, and three ties.

The team that gave the Bears the most trouble were the Portsmouth Spartans. The club tied with the Spartans with identical 6-1 records (ties did not count then), so a playoff game was set up to determine a winner. The Bears defeated the Spartans, 9-0 in the first ever NFL playoff game, which oddly enough was played in Chicago Stadium because it was too cold to play at Wrigley Field.

For the year, the powerful tandem of Red Grange and Bronko Nagurski again paced the Bears as Grange scored 7 touchdowns and Nagurski ran for 4 and also passed for 3 more. Keith Molesworth also contributed with 3 touchdowns on his own while passing for 3 more. Luke Johnsos had probably his finest season, catching two touchdown passes and scoring twice on defense as well. Coach Ralph Jones also found a reliable kicker in Paul "Tiny" Engebretson.

Future Hall of Fame PlayersEdit

Other Leading PlayersEdit

Players Departed from 1931Edit

  • Link Lyman, Tackle (did not play for unknown reasons)


Date Opponent Location Result Score Record
Sep. 25 Green Bay Packers Green Bay City Stadium Tie0-0 0-0-1
Oct. 2 Staten Island Stapletons Thompson's Stadium Tie0-0 0-0-2
Oct. 9 Chicago Cardinals Wrigley Field Tie0-0 0-0-3
Oct. 16 Green Bay Packers Wrigley Field Loss 0-2 0-1-3
Oct. 23 Staten Island Stapletons Wrigley Field Win 27-7 1-1-3
Oct. 30 Boston Braves Braves Field Tie 7-7 1-1-4
Nov. 6 New York Giants Polo Grounds Win 28-8 2-1-4
Nov. 13 Portsmouth Spartans Wrigley Field Tie 13-132-1-5
Nov. 20 Brooklyn Dodgers Wrigley Field Win 20-0 3-1-5
Nov. 24 Chicago Cardinals Wrigley Field Win 34-0 4-1-5
Nov. 29 Portsmouth Spartans Portsmouth Universal Stadium Tie 7-7 4-1-6
Dec. 4 New York Giants Wrigley Field Win 6-0 5-1-6
Dec. 11 Green Bay Packers Wrigley Field Win 9-06-1-6
Dec. 18 Portsmouth Spartans Chicago Stadium Win 9-07-1-6


Includes the result of the 1932 NFL Playoff Game

W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT= Winning Percentage

Note: Tie games were not officially counted in the standings until 1972

Chicago Bears 7 1 6 .875 160 44 W-3
Green Bay Packers 10 3 1 .769 152 63 L-2
Portsmouth Spartans 6 2 4 .750 116 71 L-1
Boston Braves 4 4 2 .500 55 79 W-2
New York Giants 4 6 2 .400 93 113 L-1
Brooklyn Dodgers 3 9 0 .250 63 131 L-4
Chicago Cardinals 2 6 2 .250 72 114 L-5
Staten Island Stapletons 4 6 2 .400 93 113 L-1

NFL Playoff Game: Chicago Bears 9, Portsmouth Spartans 0 Edit

For more details on this topic, see 1932 NFL Playoff Game.


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