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1930 National Football League season
Regular season
Duration September 14 – December 14, 1930
Champions Green Bay Packers
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The 1930 NFL season was the 11th regular season of the National Football League. Prior to the season, Brooklyn gangsters William B. Dwyer and John C. Depler bought the Dayton Triangles, moved it, and renamed it the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Orange Tornadoes relocated to Newark and the Buffalo Bisons and the Boston Bulldogs dropped out. The Portsmouth Spartans entered as a new team.

Meanwhile, the Green Bay Packers were named the NFL champions for the second straight year after they finished the season with the best record.

Championship race[]

Defending champion Green Bay won its first 8 games, including a 14–7 home win over the New York Giants on October 4. By Week Nine, Green Bay was at 8–0–0 and New York right behind at 10–1–0. On November 16, the Packers lost to the Cardinals 13–6, but in New York, the Giants fell to the Bears, 12–0. On November 23, a crowd of 37,000 turned out as the Packers and the Giants met at the Polo Grounds in New York. The Giants' 13–6 win in Week Eleven gave it the lead, 11–2–0 (.846) to the Packers' 8–2–0 (.800). Missed extra points had a big effect, as four days later, the Giants were beaten on Thanksgiving Day by Staten Island, 7–6, while Green Bay defeated Frankford 25–7 to retake the lead, 9–2–0 (.818) vs. New York's 11–3–0 (.785). The Giants faltered again on Sunday, November 30, when Brooklyn beat them 7–6, again on a missed point after.

In Week Thirteen, the Giants beat the Yellow Jackets, 14–6, while the Packers lost to the Bears, 21–0, cutting Green Bay's hold on first place to 4/10ths of a percentage point, .769 to .765; the Giants finished their season at 13–4–0, while 10–3–0 Green Bay had a final game at Portsmouth. A loss would have given the Packers a 10–4–0 finish and a .714 percentage, and given the Giants .765 a championship. A tie (10–3–1 and .769) or a win (11–3–0 and .785) would assure Green Bay the 1930 title.

Once again, the point after decided the race. On December 14, the Packers scored on Red Dunn's touchdown pass to Wuert Engelmann, but the point after by Verne Lewellen failed, and their lead was 6–0. Chuck Bennett ran for a touchdown for the Spartans, but the extra point attempt by Tiny Lewis was blocked, and when the game ended, the 6–6 tie gave the Packers the 1930 title. [1]

Final standings[]

W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT= Winning Percentage

Note: Tie games were not officially counted in the standings until 1972

Team W L T PCT
Green Bay Packers 10 3 1 .769
New York Giants 13 4 0 .765
Chicago Bears 9 4 1 .692
Brooklyn Dodgers 7 4 1 .636
Providence Steam Roller 6 4 1 .600
Staten Island Stapletons 5 5 2 .500
Chicago Cardinals 5 6 2 .455
Portsmouth Spartans 5 6 3 .455
Frankford Yellow Jackets 4 13 1 .222
Minneapolis Red Jackets 1 7 1 .125
Newark Tornadoes 1 10 1 .091


  1. "Green Bay Wins Pennant As Spartans Tie," Portsmouth Times, Dec. 15, 1932, p10

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